Undergraduate Course Offering for Spring 2024

Under a policy approved by the Senate, exceptions to the general University policy stating that English is the medium of instruction will be permitted when the courses are related to the area of Chinese studies and are approved by the School of Humanities and Social Science. Courses approved to be taught in Chinese carry a [PU] or [CA] notation in the course description, which indicates the spoken language used in teaching: [PU] stands for Putonghua; and [CA] for Cantonese.

Courses marked with a [C] in the course description are not taught in Chinese but may require students to read materials in Chinese. Students who have difficulty reading materials in Chinese should consult the instructor concerned prior to enrolling in these courses. Alternative English reading materials may be provided.

course syllabus


School-Sponsored Course
Course Code Course Title Instructor  
HUMA1000A Cultures and Values: Language, Communication and Society Cathy Pan

HUMA1000G Cultures and Values: Love, Death & Human Nature Simon Wong


Multidisciplinary Course
Course Code Course Title Instructor  
HUMA2400*# Approaches to Humanities in China Studies [C] Quentin Qin, Xiaolu Ma, Siu-woo Cheung


Course Code Course Title Instructor  
HUMA1030 Structure of the Chinese Language [C] Carine Yiu

HUMA2010 Metaphors in English and Chinese [C] Min Zhang
HUMA2032 Language Power and Identity Pip Freestone

HUMA3030# Language, Communication and Culture  Cathy Pan


Literature, Film, and Media Studies
Course Code Course Title Instructor  
HUMA2300 Traditional Chinese Poetry: Early Chinese Poetry [C] [PU] Siya Li
HUMA2320* Chinese Drama [C] [PU] Siya Li
HUMA2331 Media Theories of Japanese Animation  Baryon Posadas

HUMA2340 Between Old and New: Chinese Stories and Their Reinventions Huan Jin >
HUMA3204* Chinese Creative Writing: Reading Literary Classics and Writing [C] [PU] Yi-chin Lo

HUMA3220 Modern Chinese Poetry [C] [PU] Shengqing Wu


History and Anthropology
Course Code Course Title Instructor  
HUMA1622 Science, Technology, Society: Historical and Cultural Approaches Liz Chee
HUMA1673 Art and Digital Culture Qiuzi Guo

HUMA1674 China in historical maps Marco Caboara
HUMA2590 The Making of the Modern World: Renaissance to the Present Michael Share
HUMA2635  Cultural Diversity in China Jianxiong Ma >
HUMA2661 Chinese Oil Painting Anna Kwong

HUMA3430   Reading Modern Chinese History Historically [C] Virgil Ho
HUMA4520* History of US-China Relations David Chang
HUMA4610* Heritage in Cross-cultural Perspective Siu-woo Cheung


Philosophy and Religion
Course Code Course Title Instructor  
HUMA1710 The Art of Thinking in the Hong Kong Context [CA] [C] Sai Lok Nam


Course Code Course Title Instructor  
HUMA1100 Music of the World Mercedes Dujunco

HUMA1102 Enjoyment of Classical Music Isaac Droscha

HUMA2101 Enjoyment of Western Opera Isaac Droscha
HUMA2104 Music Theory I: Introduction to Tonal Music Ilari Kaila

HUMA2107 (L1) Introduction to Electronic Music Composition Timothy Page

HUMA2107 (L2) Introduction to Electronic Music Composition Timothy Page
HUMA2108 Music of China Mercedes Dujunco

HUMA2109 East Asian Pop Music Mercedes Dujunco

HUMA3102* Making Chamber Music A Amy Sze
HUMA3104* Music Theory II Ilari Kaila


Creative Arts
Course Code Course Title Instructor  
HUMA1150 Exploration of Drawing Birdy Chu

HUMA1154 Photography Birdy Chu

HUMA1155 Video Art Birdy Chu


* non-common core course

^ Chinese communication course

# GCS course

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