Master Theses



Student Name Thesis Title Discipline
CHEUNG Ming Kwong
Rethinking the Participation of Guangdong Peasants in the Xinhai Revolution: Beyond Economic Hardship and Popular Support History and Anthropology
Distributional Learning and Overnight Consolidation of Non-Native Tone Contrasts by Tonal Speakers: the Effect and the Role of Individual Differences Linguistics
GALWEY, Isabel Joan Valentine Transmedial Attractions, Transitional Aesthetics: The Digital Turn in Hong Kong Animation Literature
HO Hill Tone Bauhinia
A Playful Pastiche: Gao Xiong and his youxi Literature in Post-war Hong Kong Literature
LAW Wai Ki
Maintaining a "Little Thailand":
A Study of Thai Domestic Helpers in Kowloon City, Hong Kong
History and Anthropology
LI Chong
李    翀
The Retirement of Civil Officials: Bureaucratic Management, Manchu-Han Relationship, and Imperial Control in the Qing Dynasty History and Anthropology
MISHRA Anish The Aesthetics of Climate Change: An Indian Aesthetic and Buddhist Environmental Perspective Philosophy and Religion
YI Peixin
The notion of subjectivity in the Zhuangzi Philosophy and Religion
Beyond Morality: A Study of The Classic of Filial Piety Attributed to Qiu Ying (ca. 1494-1552) History & Anthropology
ZHAO Yiming
Vietnamese Community on Chinese Border: Extension and Reconstruction of Inherent Social Relation on a Foreign Land  History & Anthropology
ZOU Sirong
Sense of Guilt and Redemption: Chinese Confession Literature in the early 21 Century Literature




Student Name Thesis Title Discipline
CHEUNG Man Chung 張文聰 On Tang Jun-yi’s and Mou Tsung-San’s Interpretation of Zhuzi’s System Philosophy and Religion
GUO Yijiao 郭一驕 CARESSING Revolutions in a Post-Revolutionary Era: Discourse on Things and Historiographical Lyricism in Contemporary Chinese Nonfictions Literature
HAN Song 韓松 Miraculous and Strange Encounters: Late Qing Zhiguai and Its Transmedial Metamorphosis Literature
SHEN Yuying 沈鈺莹 Gathering "Manna" for Exodus: The War Production Board and State-Building Endeavours of the Nationalist Government, 1944-1945 History & Anthropology
ZHANG Huiyuan 張匯元 《先秦哲学的志论与认识生成论》
[The Theory of Zhi and Genetic Epistemology in Pre-Qin Philosophy]
Philosophy and Religion




Student Name Thesis Title Discipline
CHEN Siqi 陈司琪 On Tang Junyi’s Theory of the Goodness of Human Nature Philosophy and Religion
BRISOLA BARBOSA Leonardo Vinícius From Batallón Colombia to Sixty-nine Ex-POWs: The Unforeseen Impact of Latin America in the Korean War History & Anthropology
LIN Ai 林蔼 The Craze of Moutai Liquor: The Transformation of A State Symbol in Contemporary China History & Anthropology



Student Name Thesis Title Discipline
CHAN Tsan Tsai The Cartography of Sentence-Final Particles in Yue Chinese – Evidence from Comparative Analysis and Language Contact Linguistics
HE Miao 何苗 The Making of “Chengshi” Funerals in a City of Migrants : A Case Study of a Funeral Home in Southeast China, 1979 2019 History & Anthropology
LAI Tsz Ching Nicole 黎芷晴 《“Onstage Identity”: Physical and Social Boundaries of Hong Kong Local Drag Queens History & Anthropology
LEUNG Rachel 梁慧淇 A Sage-Emperor Charm Offensive: Emperor Kangxi’s Imperial Poems on the Mountain Estate for Escaping the Heat History & Anthropology
SO Ning 蘇靈 Confucian Elements in the Zhuangzi Philosophy and Religion
TANG Yajun 汤雅俊 Tradition Encountering Modernity: Zhang Junmai’s Contemporary Neo-Confucianism Philosophy and Religion



Student Name Thesis Title Discipline
Chung Cheuk Chi Cecilia 鍾卓芝 When Christianity Encountered Chinese Nationalism: Deviation of the Chinese YMCA from Its “Pinciple of Non-Involvement in Politics,” 1895-1937 History & Anthropology
LU Ling 陆玲 The Blessing of Village God Benzhu: Constructing Family Ties and Public Space in a Bai Village in Southwest China History & Anthropology
YEUNG Po Ki 楊堡棋 Mainland Visitors’ Perceptions of Colonial Modernaity in Hong Kong, 1919-37 History & Anthropology



Student Name Thesis Title Discipline
CHEN Limin 陳荔閩 Glottal Stop Production and Its Interaction with Tonal Evolution: A Case Study of Entering Tone Sound Change in Puxian Min Linguistics
HU Xiaobai 胡簫白 The Story of “Mochou”: A Cultural History Study of a Urban Cultural Symbol History & Anthropology
CHEN Mian 陳冕 Propaganda Machines Crossing the Border: The Network of Communist Journalistic Workers in Hong Kong and Guangzhou (1936-1965) History & Anthropology
CHEN Xiaoran 陈笑然 Comparison of Wang Yangming and Kant on their Moral Philosophy Philosophy & Religion
HA Yiming Laboring for the State: State Formation and State Employment during the Song-Yuan-Ming Transition History & Anthropology
KAT Wing Sze 吉穎絲 An Acoustic Study of Syllabic Constituents and Their Interaction in Prosodic and Morphological Contexts in Liyang and Surrounding Wu Dialects Linguistics
LAI Wan Yin 黎藴賢 British Colonial Hong Kong as a Modern State: Governing of Corruption and Tax Non-Compliance History & Anthropology
LEUNG Ka Hang 梁家恆 A Place as “Lived”: Topographical Poetry in Hong Kong Literature
QIAO Min 喬敏 A Spirit of Internal Exile: On Liu Zaifu’s Prose and Criticism after 1989 Literature
TAN Nan 谭楠 The Field of Play: The “Rise of Xinjiang Youth Football” in Late-socialist China History & Anthropology
WANG Yingfang 王瀛昉 《二十世紀前八十年華人朱子學研究探討》 [A Discussion of Chinese Studies in Zhu Xi’s Philosophy in the First 80 Years of the 20th Century] Philosophy & Religion
WANG Yiqiao 汪伊乔 Unruly Licentiates: Examination Strikes in the Mid-to-late Qing Dynasty History & Anthropology
WONG Tung Tin 黃東田 Human in Historicity: Hannah Arendt on Political Experience Philosophy & Religion
YUE Huanyu 樂桓宇 The Poetics of Memory: Anecdote Studies in Republican China Literature
ZHOU Yun 周韻 Life is a Play: The Representation of Actor’s Life in 20th Century Chinese Drama Literature
ZHU Xiuwen 祝修文 The Politics and Poetics of Absurdity in Modern Chinese Literature Literature



Student Name Thesis Title Discipline
AIKELAMU Rena 艾克拉木熱娜 Forging Their Own Space: “Qatar Chay” Networks of Uyghur Women in Xinjiang, China History & Anthropology
GUO Zijian 郭子健 Creeping toward “Print Socialism”: The Production of Mao Iconography, 1937-1956 History & Anthropology
JIANG Hanyang 蔣汉阳 Contested Xieyi: Classical Chinese Theatricality in Modern Times Literature
LAI Yik Po 黎奕葆 Permissive Verbs in Hong Kong Cantonese: Synchronic and Diachronic Perspectives Linguistics
LEUNG Ho Chiu 梁皓朝 Workers in Early Socialist Guangzhou: “Liberation” as Everyday Experiences History & Anthropology
LIANG Guang 梁广 The Cultural Scripts of Five Apologetic Expressions of Japanese Linguistics
ROHNE Raymond Robert The Transformation of Contemporary Art Collecting: The Dynamic Narrative of Collection Building, Patronage, and Philanthropy in Contemporary China History & Anthropology
WU Hang 吴航 Biopolitics and National Subjectivity: Representing Animals in Socialist China Literature
YAN Mei Yee Michelle 甄美儀 Sustaining a “Village Community” in Urban Hong Kong: The Study of Fire Dragon Dance in Pokfulam Village History & Anthropology



Student Name Thesis Title Discipline
HAO Xiaowen 郝小雯 Chinese Partnership Liability in Early Twentieth-Century Shanghai History & Anthropology
LI Jingyi 李婧怡 Chinese Korean between Ethnic Minority and International Labor: Space Imagination of Belongingness History & Anthropology
PAN Shuyang 潘淑阳 Religious Imagination of Nature: On Chi Zijian’s Writing of Shamanism Literature
ZENG Yuyu 曾钰宇 A Model with Four Parameters to Quantify Tonal Variation – A Case Study of Chongqing Dialect Linguistics



Student Name Thesis Title Discipline
GE Minyan 葛旻晏 《二十世紀二十年代中國本土電影的現代性》 [The Modernity of Chinese Cinema in the 1920s] Literature
LIU Yueyin 劉樂音 《尋求婦女支持︰汪精衛政權在廣州的婦女工作》 [Seeking the Support of Women: Women’s Affairs in Guangzhou under the Wang Jingwei Regime] History & Anthropology
WENG Ruoyang 翁若陽 A Critical Discussion of the Four-Seven Debate: From the Perspective of the Cognitive Theory of Emotion Philosophy & Religion
ZHANG Kaixuan 張凱旋 Beyond Obsession with China: Medical Discourses in Modern Chinese Literature Literature



Student Name Thesis Title Discipline
CHEN Shu 陳抒 《曖昧的文學現代性──以1920年代《紅玫瑰》為中心》 [The Ambivalent Literary Modernity – A Study of the Red Rose Magazine in the 1920s] Literature
LEUNG Wai Sze 梁慧思 Masculinity Troubled: The Autobiographical Fiction by Guo Moruo, Yu Dafu and Zhang Ziping Literature
LI You 李鈾 Beyond the Southern School: Influences of Song, Ming Academy Paintings and the Zhe School on Shen Zhou’s (1427-1509) Landscape Painting History & Anthropology
LIN Zhuyun 林珠云 Kinship, Overseas Connection and Ethnicity: Reconstructing Social Landscape in a She Minority Community in Southern Fujian Province during China’s Reforms History & Anthropology
QIAN Linliang 錢霖亮 Ambivalent Love: An Anthropological Study of a State-run Orphanage in Zhejiang, China History & Anthropology
TAN Li Wen Jessica 陳麗汶 Renegotiating Diasporic Identities: The Sinophone Articulations of Liu Yichang Literature
ZHANG Longteng 張龍騰 Mobility and Memory: The Case of Indonesian Chinese Returnees in an Overseas Chinese Farm of Fujian and the Resettlement in Hong Kong History & Anthropology