Service Learning Initiatives


South China Research Center

Our aim is to create opportunities for the university community to understand the heritage and local traditions in Hong Kong and South China. Through participating in research projects and community services, students and fellow scholars may better apprehend the historical, cultural and economic changes of Chinese society.


Service-Learning in Heritage Study Program

  • Salvaging Heritage in Yim Tin Tsai Village, Sai Kung (2007): Student volunteers helped to preserve the farming tools, household items and utensils of an abandoned village. First hand experience of the heritage artifacts’ recording and collecting process in an actual fieldwork.
  • Tai Po Cultural Heritage Tour (2009): HKUST students assisted in promoting the Tai Po heritage to the public, including village history, lineage, ancestral halls, temples, and the Railway Museum. Held in conjunction with the University Student Affairs Office.
  • Service-Learning in Tai O Dragon Boat Parade (2008- ): Students observe and participate in this National Intangible Cultural Heritage item.


Social Service and Community Learning in Northern Guangdong and Eastern Jiangxi (2009- )

Study trips to Northern Guangdong and Eastern Jiangxi for students to appreciate local history, social conditions, and culture. Volunteer service to the local communities and to experience the livelihood of the local people. Getting to understand the eco-social environment of the community, and as a result of a reconsideration of our own practices.