Doctorial Theses



Student Name Thesis Title Discipline
ROHNE, Raymond Robert A Century of Avant Garde to Contemporary Art Collecting and Collectors: Examining Theoretical Elements and Global Shifts in the United States and the Trends to East Asia History & Anthropology
WONG Tung Tin 黃東田 Rethinking Kantian Political Obligation: Natural Law, Social Contract, and Phenomenology Philosophy & Religion
ZHUANG Muyang 
Cinema of Elasticity: Cartoon Visuality in Chinese Film Literature




Student Name Thesis Title Discipline
LIN Zhuyun 林珠云 Institution, Interaction and Insanity: a Chinese Psychiatric Hospital Inside Out History & Anthropology
PROOI Dennis A Philosophical and Idea-Historical Examination of the Cultivation of the Self in Kiyozawa Manshi Philosophy & Religion
QIAO Min 喬 敏 “Chinese Renaissance” as a Method: Literary Renovation and Intellectual Debates in China, 1915-1949 Literature
TSUI Sai Kit 徐世傑 Beyond Venus: A Critical Study of Yang Zhiquang’s Nude Art History & Anthropology
XU Yifa 徐毅发 Verbs of Implicit Negation in Mandarin Chinese: An NPI-licensing Perspective Linguistics



Student Name Thesis Title Discipline
LIU Yanghe 劉陽河 夢之工廠:《紅樓夢》在晚清民國的接受與再生 Dream Factory: The Receptions and Transformations of Dream of the Red Chamber in Late Qing and Republican China Literature
WEI Yang 魏阳 Jin Chinese Entering Tones: Acoustics, Types and Evolution Linguistics
CABURAL, Mark Kevin Supnad Cicero and Wang Chong: On Divination, Philosophy, and Science Philosophy & Religion
CABURAL, Mark Kevin Supnad Cicero and Wang Chong: On Divination, Philosophy, and Science Philosophy & Religion
LAU Shu Wai 劉樹偉 Becoming Zoroastrian: The Making of the Global Network of the Parsee Community History & Anthropology
WANG Xinyu 王新宇 理學的史學:朱子的個案 Neo-Confucian Philosophy of History, The Case of Zhu Xi Philosophy & Religion



Student Name Thesis Title Discipline
Kin Wing Kevin CHAN 陳健榮 Coordinating Conjunctions in Sinitic Languages and Beyond: Towards a New Typology Linguistics
Shu CHEN 陳 抒 Listening Against Disappearance: Radio Aesthetics in 1950s Hong Kong Literature
Hoi Shan CHONG 莊海珊 The Daodejing and Ecclesiastes on the Meaning of Life Philosophy & Religion
ZHOU Yingyi 周穎異 The Tonal Typology and Evolution of Northern Gan — A Case Study of Xiushui Linguistics


Student Name Thesis Title Discipline
LAW Shun Man 羅舜文 《論禪宗作為一種哲學輔導:一種禪宗哲學的現代詮釋及禪宗式哲學輔導建構之可能》 [On Chan Buddhism as a Kind of Philosophical Counseling: A Possible Way of Modern Interpretation of Philosophy of Chan Buddhism and Construction of Philosophical Counseling of Chan Buddhism] Philosophy & Religion
ZHANG Rongkun 張榕坤 《莊子「天」論闡微》 [The Concept of “Heaven” in the Philosophy of Zhuangzi] Philosophy & Religion


Student Name Thesis Title Discipline
KWOK Sai Hang 郭世恒 From the Question of Time to the Time of Questioning: Husserl and the Ambiguity of Time Philosophy & Religion
LAI Sau Ming 黎秀明 The Cultural Practice of Hybridity: A Study of Romance in the 1950s Hong Kong Literature
LI Dechao 李德超 The Historical Evolution of Chinese Tones and Their Splitting and Merger in Contemporary Dialects: The Interaction between Phonation, Duration and Pitch Linguistics
LI Lizhu 李麗珠 《朱熹《太極圖說解》、《通書注》研究》 [A Study of Zhu Xi’s Reading of the Taijitu Shuo and the Tongshu] Philosophy & Religion
LIN Qing 林晴 The Diachrony of Tone Sandhi: Evidence from Southern Min Chinese Linguistics
ZHANG Jingfen 張靜芬 Tonal Patterns and Tone Evolution in Chaoshan Chinese Linguistics


Student Name Thesis Title Discipline
CHAN Wai Kong 陳偉江 《中國佛學中的廣義四句與龍樹四句的哲學解讀──從二諦及四悉檀的觀點看》 [A Philosophical Investigation of Broad Sense Catuskoti and Nagarjuna’s Catuskoti in Chinese Buddhism──From the Perspective of the Two Truths and the Four Siddhanta] Philosophy & Religion
QIU Yue 邱月 Performing Qiang: Locality Production in Post-disaster Northern Sichuan, China History & Anthropology
SHEN Ruiqing 沈瑞清 Tonal Variation: A Quantitative Study of Jianyang Min Chinese Linguistics
YAN Zhiadan 閆志丹 Power of the Minority: Politics of Culture and Identity in a Hui Village in Central China History & Anthropology
ZHANG Ying 張莹 A Typological Approach to Multifunctional Adverbs in Chinese Linguistics


Student Name Thesis Title Discipline
FAN Xiaolei 范晓蕾 Tense, Aspect and Modality in Chinese: A Typological Study Linguistics
JIAO Lei 焦磊 A Parametric Study of Diphthongs in Chinese Dialects Linguistics
LAM Nga Li 林雅莉 New World, New World Daily and the Culture of Amusement in Early Republican Shanghai Literature
MA Kin Hang 馬健行 The Survival of a Marginal Occupation: “Nammo” Ritual Specialists in Urban Hong Kong History & Anthropology
QIN Bairong 覃百荣 “Women Become Ancestors:” Women and Families in Fuxi, North Hunan, China History & Anthropology
WANG Caiyu 王彩豫 Multi-register Tone Systems and Their Evolution on the Jianghan Plain Linguistics


Student Name Thesis Title Discipline
HONG Ying 洪英 A Phonetic Study of Chaozhou Chinese Linguistics
LAM Man Fong 林文芳 A Phonetic Study of Tones and Vowels in Fuqing Chinese Linguistics
LI Yuxiang 李予湘 Serial Verb Constructions in Late Archaic Chinese Linguistics
LUO Meng 羅萌 Saturday as the Dialogical Other – Rethinking the “Popular” in Shanghai Literature (1910s-1920s) Literature
NAM Sai Lok 藍世樂 Self-establishment and Detachment: A Critical Analysis of the Philosophy of Life of Zhuangzi Philosophy & Religion
NOELLERT Matthew Zachary New Perspectives on Communist Land Reform: Evidence from Northeast China, 1946-1948 History & Anthropology
PAN Yanqin 潘艷勤 Frontier, Ethnicity and Mobility: The Ritual Practices of the Tai People on the Sino-Vietnamese Border History & Anthropology
XU Bo 徐波 《存有的圓具:由牟宗三對天台佛學的融攝審視其判教哲學》 [Ontological Perfection: Mou Zongsan’s Assimilation with Tiantai Buddhism and His Doctrinal Classification of Chinese Philosophy] Philosophy & Religion


Student Name Thesis Title Discipline
KONG Jian 孔健 《士與國家︰明代弘治、正德年間文學復古運動研究》 [Shi and State: A Study of the Ming China Literary Restoration Movement from 1488 to 1521] Literature
MAO Sheng 冒晟 A Functional Approach to Conditionals in Peking Mandarin Linguistics
TING On Ki 丁安祺 Does Morality Require External Sanction? A Discussion from the Perspectives of Evolutionary Psychology, Mencius and Xunzi Philosophy & Religion