Postgraduate Course Offering for Fall 2022

Under a policy approved by the Senate, exceptions to the general University policy stating that English is the medium of instruction will be permitted when the courses are related to the area of Chinese studies and are approved by the School of Humanities and Social Science. Courses approved to be taught in Chinese carry a [PU] or [CA] notation in the course description, which indicates the spoken language used in teaching: [PU] stands for Putonghua; and [CA] for Cantonese.

Courses marked with a [C] in the course description are not taught in Chinese but may require students to read materials in Chinese. Students who have difficulty reading materials in Chinese should consult the instructor concerned prior to enrolling in these courses.


course syllabus


Course Code Course Title Instructor  
HUMA5160 Chinese Phonetics and Phonology [C] [PU] Quentin Qin

HUMA5280 Cantonese Grammar in Contemporary Linguistic Theories [C] [PU] Carine Yiu


Course Code Course Title Instructor  
HUMA5330 Traditional Chinese Literary Theory and Criticism [C] [PU] Siya Li 

HUMA5370 Animation Theories Daisy Du

HUMA6001A Modern Chinese Fiction: Comparative Perspectives [C][PU] Lianke Yan


History and Anthropology
Course Code Course Title Instructor  
HUMA5620 Chinese Painting: Meanings and Uses [C] [PU] Flora Fu

HUMA5660 City and Urban Life in Late-Imperial and Modern China [C] Virgil Ho

HUMA5696 The Culture of Capitalism Joshua Derman


HUMA5755 Ethnicity in Chinese Context Ma Jianxiong



Philosophy and Religion
Course Code Course Title Instructor  
Philosophy of History and Society Eric Nelson

HUMA5800 Fundamentals of Chinese Philosophy [C] [PU] Simon Wong


Music and Arts
Course Code Course Title Instructor  
HUMA6003C Music in China and the Chinese-speaking World Mercedes Dujunco


HMMA Course
Course Code Course Title Instructor  
HMMA5001@ Fundamentals of Chinese Culture [C] Xiaolu Ma, Charles Chan, Siu-woo Cheung, David Chang


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