Postgraduate Course Offering for Spring 2024

Under a policy approved by the Senate, exceptions to the general University policy stating that English is the medium of instruction will be permitted when the courses are related to the area of Chinese studies and are approved by the School of Humanities and Social Science. Courses approved to be taught in Chinese carry a [PU] or [CA] notation in the course description, which indicates the spoken language used in teaching: [PU] stands for Putonghua; and [CA] for Cantonese.

Courses marked with a [C] in the course description are not taught in Chinese but may require students to read materials in Chinese. Students who have difficulty reading materials in Chinese should consult the instructor concerned prior to enrolling in these courses.


course syllabus


Course Code Course Title Instructor  
HUMA5230 Language of China: Anthropological and Cognitive Dimensions [C] [PU] Min Zhang


Literature, Film, and Media Studies
Course Code Course Title Instructor  
HUMA5301  The Zhuangzi and its Multimedia Reception in China and Beyond Tobias Benedict Zurn

HUMA5330 Traditional Chinese Literary Theory and Criticism [C] [PU] Siya Li
HUMA5340 Modern Chinese Literary Criticism [C] [PU] Shengqing Wu
HUMA5350 Soicalist Film Culture Daisy Du


History and Anthropology
Course Code Course Title Instructor  
HUMA5516 Research methods and sources in Qing history Lawrence Zhang

HUMA5530 Chinese Diasporas A Global History Steven Miles
HUMA5630 Digital Humanities  Qiuzi Guo

HUMA5700 Anthropological Studies of China [C]  Siu-woo Cheung
HUMA6002U Marco Polo and Eurasian Globalization (Special topic course) Marco Caboara


Philosophy and Religion
Course Code Course Title Instructor  
HUMA5810 Confucianism: Classical Period [C][PU] Charles Chan


HMMA Course
Course Code Course Title Instructor  
HMMA5002@ Chinese Phonetics and Phonology [C] [PU] Quentin Qin
HMMA5005@ Modern Chinese History [C] Virgil Ho


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