Postgraduate Scholarship in Humanities

(Ad hoc Scholarship for 2008-2009 and 2009-2010 Only)

Nature and Objective

This Postgraduate Scholarship in Humanities, in the amount of HK$15,000, shall be awarded to an outstanding student in the Taught Postgraduate Program (TPG) in the Division.


Full-time TPG students in their second semester of study and part-time TPG students in their third semester or after may apply.


On the basis of academic performance, especially during enrolment in the TPG program.

Special Requirement

Not to be held concurrently with other scholarships.


Eligible applicants should fill out an application form and solicit two recommendation letters from the faculty.

List of Award Recipients
Ms. Tsui Yuen-ling (2008-2009)
Mr. Tsui Sai-kit (2009-2010)