Doctorial Theses



Student Name Thesis Title Discipline
CHEN Yingcong 陳穎聰 《高棅的詩學理論及其影響與流變》 [A Study of Gao Bing’s Poetics Theory and Its Influences and Transformations] Literature
CHEUNG Yin Ki 張燕琪 Iconography of “New China”: Imagery of Labor Models, 1936-1965 History & Anthropology
LAM Lut Kwong 林律光 《俱舍學研究》 [A Study of the Kosa Theories] Philosophy & Religion
SIU Chun Sing 蕭振聲 《道家的行動哲學:以「因」概念為主之探究》 [Daoist Philosophy of Action: A Study Based on the Concept of Yin] Philosophy & Religion
VIANA Venus Modernizing Zhongshan: The Implementation of State-building Policies and Responses of the Local People, 1930-1949 History & Anthropology
WANG Linwei 王林偉 《正學理想與天人回環﹕論船山思想的核心問題與視野》 [Correct-Learning Ideal and Heaven-Human Circle: On the Central Problem and Horizon of Wang Fu-chih’s Thought] Philosophy & Religion
YIM Chi Sing 嚴至誠 A Phonetic Study of Syllabic Constituents in Hong Kong Cantonese Linguistics
ZHANG Chuntian 張春田 《革命與抒情:南社的文化政治與中國現代性(1903-1923)》 [Revolution and Lyricism: Cultural Politics of the Southern Society and Chinese Modernity, 1903-1923] Literature
ZHANG Jian 張儉 《戰爭中的笑聲──一九四零年代上海喜劇文學研究》 [Laughter in the War: The Comical Literature in 1940s Shanghai] Literature


Student Name Thesis Title Discipline
YANG Yanni 楊彥妮 《明代中後期唐詩選本研究》 [A Critical Study on Anthologies of Tang Poetry in Late Ming] Literature


Student Name Thesis Title Discipline
GUO Xilin 郭熙琳 Homeland Divided: Community Newspapers, Chinese Americans and China Politics, 1949-1955 History & Anthropology
LIU Leheng 劉樂恒 《馬一浮六藝論析論》 [A Research of Ma Yi-fu’s Theory of the Six Arts] Philosophy & Religion
SHU Ping 舒萍 Making Taste: Tea Plantation and Manufacture in Tiancun, Southern Fujian, China History & Anthropology
SHUM Sau Ching Janet 沈秀貞 Diasporic Aesthetics of Gao Xingjian’s Exilic Discourse Literature
WEI Jinxin 韋錦新 《宗族的實踐:當代香港上水鄉廖氏的儀式、政治與網絡》 [Practicing Lineage: Rituals, Politics, and Networks of the Lius of Sheung Shui in Contemporary Hong Kong] History & Anthropology


Student Name Thesis Title Discipline
CHENG Siu Kei 鄭紹基 An Optimality Theoretical Account of Contemporary Cantonese Rhyming Based on Inferential Statistics Linguistics
CHENG Wing Kin 鄭永健 《牟宗三先生理解老子哲學的評析:對「智的直覺」和「縱貫」兩概念之探討》 [Critical Analysis of Mou Zong San’s Understanding of the Philosophy of Lao Tzu with Reference to Concepts of “Zhi de Zhijue” and “Zhong Guan”] Philosophy & Religion
CUN Xi 寸熙 A Phonetic Study on Implosives in China Linguistics
LI Siya 李思涯 《胡應麟文學思想研究》 [A Study of Hu Yinglin’s Literary Thought] Literature
LUK Kei Yeung 陸基洋 《老莊「道」與「無為」概念的當代詮釋》 [A Contemporary Interpretation of Laozi and Zhuangzi’s Concepts of Dao and Wuwei] Philosophy & Religion
WONG Kin Keung 黃堅強 Comparison of Nicomachean Ethics and the Ethics of Confucius: Appropriateness of Moral Decisions Philosophy & Religion
YIP Cheuk Wai 葉倬瑋 《翁方綱詩論研究》 [The Poetry Criticism of Weng Fanggang] Literature


Student Name Thesis Title Discipline
KWAN Sui Chi 關瑞至 Language, Reality and Daohood: An Exercise in Comparative Philosophy Philosophy & Religion
MU Jian 牟堅 《朱子的實理觀及其與禮的關係之研究──以朱子《四書》學為中心》 [A Study of Zhu Xi’s Idea of Shi Li (Real Reason) and Its Relation to Li (Rites) ── With a Focus on Zhu Xi’s Study of Four Books] Philosophy & Religion
SHENG Ke 盛珂 《道德與存在──牟宗三形上學的存在論闡釋》 [Moral and Being: An Ontological Interpretation of Mou Zongsan’s Metaphysics] Philosophy & Religion
SO Yiu Cheong 蘇耀昌 《當代中國的族群政治──從“民族文學”到“西部文學”》 [From Minzu Wenxue to Xibu Wenxue: An Enquiry into the Ethnic Politics in Contemporary China] Literature


Student Name Thesis Title Discipline
CAI Qinghua 才清華 《言意之辨:魏晉玄學中的言說問題探析》 [Differentiating Language and Meaning: A Study of the Problem of Utterance in Wei Jin Xuanxue] Philosophy & Religion
CHOW Chiu Tuen 周昭端 《善與惡:孟子與荀子人性論之比較》 [Good or Evil: A Comparison of Mencius and Xunzi’s Theories of Human Nature] Philosophy & Religion
ZHU Lin 朱琳 《現代漢語作格結構》 [Ergative Constructions in Mandarin] Linguistics


Student Name Thesis Title Discipline
CHEUNG Hung Shing Leonard 張洪勝 《《春秋公羊解詁》的文本意圖》 [The Textual Intention of Chunqiu Gongyang Jiegu] Philosophy & Religion
SUN Zhiyang 孫志陽 《《左傳》中的“使動用法”》 [The Lexical Causative in the Zuozhuan] Linguistics
WENG Hekai 翁賀凱 《現代中國的自由民族主義:張君勱民族建國思想研究》 [“Liberal Nationalism” in Modern China: Zhang Junmai’s Thoughts on Nation-building] History & Anthropology
ZHANG Hui 張暉 《中國文學批評史上之“詩史”概念》 [The Conception of Shishi (Poetry as History) in the History of Chinese Literary Criticism] Literature
ZHANG Jun 張軍 《土家語語音研究》 [A Phonological Study of the Tujia Language] Linguistics
ZHAO Yongbing 趙咏冰 《從武俠到革命:向愷然、沈從文、丁玲的「江湖」想像》 [From Martial Arts to Revolution: A Study of “Jianghu” in Xiang Kairan, Shen Congwen, and Ding Ling] Literature


Student Name Thesis Title Discipline
AU YEUNG Wai Hoo 歐陽偉豪 An Interface Program for Parameterization of Classifiers in Chinese Linguistics
CHAN Ngon Fung 陳岸峰 《疑古思潮與白話文學史的建構:胡適與顧頡剛 》 [The “Yigu”Movement and the Construction of “Baihua”Literary History: A Case Study of Hu Shi and Gu Jiegang] Literature
FAN Guangxin 范廣欣 《以經術為治術──晚清湖南理學家的經世觀念研究》 [Confucian Canonical Scholarship as Arts of Governance —— A Study of the Jingshi Ideal among Late Qing Neo-Confucian Moral Philosophers of Hunan] History & Anthropology
LAU Yue Kwong Lawrence 劉宇光 《大乘佛學「幽暗」觀的理論重建︰從「唯識所現」看妄心系有相唯識學對「無明」的理解》 [Theoretical Reconstruction of Mahāyāna Buddhist View on Evil—Sākāra-vijñānavāda’s Understanding of Ignorance (avidyā) through the Theory of Conceptualization-Only (vijñapti-mātra) and Semantic Manifestation of Meaning\Object (artha-pratibhāsa)] Philosophy & Religion
PHUA Chiew Pheng 潘秋平 Dative Constructions and Their Extensions in Archaic Chinese——A Study of Form and Meaning Linguistics
REN Feng 任鋒 《南宋儒家經制之學的興起︰論薛季宣和唐仲友的經世思想》 [The Rise of the Jing-zhi School in the Southern Song Confucianism: The Moral-Practical Thought of Xue Ji-xuan and Tang Zhong-you] History & Anthropology
YIU Yuk Man Carine 姚玉敏 Spatial Extension: Directional Verbs in Cantonese Linguistics


Student Name Thesis Title Discipline
DU Zhiguo 杜治國 《確立詩歌的正典──李攀龍詩論、選本及創作研究》 [Canonization of Poetry: A Study of Li Panlong’s Literary Theory, Anthologies of Chinese Poetry, and His Own Works] Literature
LAM Wing Keung 林永強 Ontological Transformations for Christian-Buddhist Dialogue: A Comparative Study of John Hick and Abe Masao Philosophy & Religion
YUEN Hong Chau 袁康就 《鍾呂內丹道德觀研究》 [A Study of the Creativity of Dao and De in the Inner Alchemy of Zhong-Lu] Philosophy & Religion


Student Name Thesis Title Discipline
CHAN Yin Ha 陳燕遐 《旅行敘事:香港文化的移置論述》 [Narratives of Travel: The Cultural Discourses of Displacement in Hong Kong] Literature
MAO Jian 毛尖 《三四十年代上海文學與電影中的都市新感覺》 [New Sensations in Shanghai Literature and Cinema in the 1930s and 1940s] Literature