Author: Birdy Chu

出版年份: 2022

出版機構: Zen Foto Gallery

The year 2022 marks both the 25th anniversary of Hong Kong’s return from British colonial rule to China and the half-way point of the fifty-year grace period until 2047, when the “one country, two systems” policy was agreed to expire and end Hong Kong’s autonomy. Hong Kong-based photographer Birdy Chu regards this important year as an ideal moment to take a look back at Hong Kong in 1997. Given the hindsight of history, especially considering the more recent developments of the past several years, the images of Hong Kong during its last days as part of the British empire have taken on entirely new layers of meaning. Birdy Chu’s photobook manages the difficult feat of eliciting feelings of nostalgia, hope, resignation, disbelief and compassion at the same time.

“This photographic work witnessed the transformation of our landscape, our social development, and also the people’s feelings that year in this place once known as the ‘Pearl of the Orient.’”
― from Birdy Chu’s afterword

All texts included in Chinese, English and Japanese.


從 1841 年鴉片戰爭開始,香港經歷了超過百年的英國殖民時期,從一個小漁港成為了如今的亞洲金融中心。1997 年香港回歸不到一個小時,攝影師朱迅從加拿大趕回來,用相機記錄了故鄉重要的時刻。《香港1997》是一部見證香港景觀、社會發展,以及人情世故的攝影集,將時間拉回到 1997 年內的各種歷史時刻。

「一眨眼已四分一個世紀,回歸後的香港,進入了另一時代;2022 年是回歸 25 年的重要日子,亦是基本法保障 50 年不變的中間點。所以現在正是時候,回看 25 年前的香港是怎麼模樣?看看我們的日子過得如何?香港這小島,又是否一樣璀璨如昔?這本攝影集,大家可以重溫、回憶,曾經這名為『東方之珠』的一些情懷、歷史、故事。」—— 朱迅

身兼藝術家、攝影師和紀錄片導演,朱迅從香港理工大學設計系畢業後,前往加拿大學習電影、錄像製作及攝影技術,並積極擔任攝影記者、導演和策展人,實踐著透過攝影關注社會,為瞬息萬變的城市留下見證和記憶。作品曾在 2009 年香港當代藝術雙年展、2012 年國家地理攝影大賽、2015 年香港人權藝術獎等機構亮相。