Tik-sang LIU (廖迪生 ) PhD University of Pittsburgh, 1995

Email: hmtsliu@ust.hk

Full CV

Professor Liu is a cultural anthropologist with area specialization in South China and Hong Kong region. He received his Bachelor of Social Science in Anthropology and Diploma of Education from the Chinese University of Hong Kong, and his PhD in Anthropology from the University of Pittsburgh.

Research Interests

Family and kinship; popular religion in South China; ethnicity; ecological anthropology; visual anthropology; heritage conservation.

Representative Publications

〈女人之歌:香港水上嘆歌的演變與傳承〉 [Women’s Songs: The Change and Heritage of Hong Kong Floating Population’s Songs].  In《水上嘆歌》[Songs of the Floating Population]. Editors: Liu Tik-sang and WU Sze Ming, pp. 7-42.  Hong Kong: South China Research Center, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, 2018.

《大時代中一位老香港的足跡:何銘思口述史》[Footprints of a Hongkonger: Oral History by Ho Ming Sze]. Hong Kong: The Chinese University Press, 2017.

〈中心的邊緣:大理洱海漁民與白族地方文化〉[The Marginal at the Center: Dali Erhoi Fishermen and the Bai National Minority’s Local Culture].  In《雲貴高原的「壩子社會」:歷史人類學視野下的西南邊疆》 [Yungui Hingland’s “Bazi Societies”: The Southwest Frontier in the Perspective of Historical Anthropology].  Editors: Zhao Min and Liu Tik-sang, pp. 29-55.  Kunming: Yunnan University Press, 2015.

〈田野中的「歷史」:人類學的經驗〉[“History” in the Field: An Anthropological Experience].  In《人類學與“歷史”:第一屆東亞人類學論壇報告集》[Anthropology and “History”: The First Forum of East Asian Anthropology].  Editors: Michio Suenari, Liu Zhiwei and Na Quoqing, pp. 159-166.  Beijing: Shehui Kexue Wenxian Chubanshe, 2014.  (A Japanese version of this article is published in the same book, pp. 527-537.)

〈傳統、認同與資源:香港非物質文化遺產的創造〉[“Tradition, Identity and Resources: The Making of Hong Kong’s Intangible Cultural Heritage].  In《香港嘅廣東文化》[Hong Kong’s Cantonese Culture].  Edited by Wen Jiehua, pp. 200-225.  Hong Kong: The Commercial Press (HK) Ltd, 2014.

〈從「傳統風俗」到「非物質文化遺產」項目:香港大澳端午龍舟遊涌活動的適應與變化〉[From "Traditional Custom" to an Item of "Intangible Cultural Heritage": Adaptation and Changes of Tai O’s Duanwu Dragon-boat Parade, Hong Kong].  In《「中國漁民信俗研究與保護」學術研討會論文集》[Proceedings of the Conference on "Research and Conservation of Chinese Fishermen’s Folk Belief”].  Editors: Li Xiangyu, Zheng Weiming and Hu Zhupeng, pp. 31-41.  Macau: Macao Polytechnic Institute, 2013.

〈珠江三角洲東涌地區「圍口」生活變遷〉[Changes of "Weikou" Livelihood in Dongchong, Pearl River Delta].  In《從滄海沙田到風情水鄉:珠江三角洲東湧社會生態變遷研究》[From Sand Fields to a Folkloric Village on the Water Margin: A Study of Social and Ecological Changes in Dong Chong, Pearl River Delta].  Editors: He Lin and Liu Tik-sang, pp. 1-17. Beijing: Zhongguo Xiju Chubanshe, 2013.

〈文字的角色-在香港新界的一些田野研究經驗〉[The Role of Writings: Research Experiences in Hong Kong’s New Territories]. Fieldwork and Documents: South China Research Resource Station Newsletter, no. 70 (2013), pp. 10-13. (Also in Writing Ping Shan: Collection of Documents for Expressing Native History, Cultural and Traditions of Dang Lineage, Ping Shan, New Territories, Hong Kong.  Editors: Lo Wai-ling and Cheung Siu-woo, pp. i-viii.  Hong Kong: South China Research Center, The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, 2013.)

〈一個30年的約會:記井欄樹村「安龍清醮」〉[A Thirty-year Appointment: A Record of Tseng Lan Shue Village’s Jiao Festival].  Fieldwork and Documents: South China Research Resource Station Newsletter, no. 66 (2012), pp. 1-6.

〈在香港研究民間宗教:人類學的理論與田野經驗〉[Studying Popular Religion in Hong Kong].  In《大理民族文化硏究論叢》(第5輯)[Dali’s Ethnic and Cultural Research Series, Volume 5]. Edited by Cun Yunji, pp. 423-445.  Beijing: Minzu Chubanshe, 2012.

Intangible Cultural Heritage and Local Communities in East Asia.  Hong Kong: South China Research Center, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology; Hong Kong Heritage Museum, 2011.

“Custom, Taste and Science: Raising Chickens in the Pearl River Delta Region, South China” Anthropology and Medicine, vol. 15 (2008), no. 1, pp. 7-18.

〈把風水變成文物:在香港新界建構「文物話語」之個案研究〉[Turning Fengshui into Heritage: A Case Study of Constructing “Heritage Discourse” in Hong Kong’s New Territories]. In《風水與文物:香港新界屏山鄧氏稔灣祖墓搬遷事件文獻彙編》[Fengshui and Heritage: Documents of the Instance of Relocating the Ping Shan Tang Ancestral Grave in Nam Wan, Hong Kong's New Territories]. Editors: Liu Tik-sang Lo Wai-ling, pp. 1-27.  Hong Kong: South China Research Center, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, 2007.

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〈群體與對立之象徵:香港新界地方天后崇拜活動〉[A Collective but Conflicting Symbol: Tian Hou Cult in Hong Kong’s New Territories],In《民間信仰與社會空間》[Popular Religion and Social Space]. Editors: Zhenman Zheng and Chen Chunsheng, pp. 382-398.  Fujian: Fujian People’s Press, 2003.

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