Jingtao SUN (孫景濤) PhD University of British Columbia, 2000

Email: hmjtsun@ust.hk

Full CV

Professor Sun received his BA and MA degrees in Chinese linguistics from Peking University. Before joining the HKUST, he taught at Peking University, the University of British Columbia, the University of Wisconsin at Madison, and the University of California at Davis.

Research Interests

Chinese linguistics; morphology and etymology; phonetics and phonology; Chinese dialectology; oracle-bone and bronze inscriptions.

Representative Publications

《古漢語重疊構詞法研究》[A Study of Reduplicative Morphology in Old Chinese]. (Contemporary Linguistics Series) Shanghai: Shanghai Educational Publishing House, 2008.

⟨說“營窟”——兼釋“宮”“營”二字⟩[An Interpretation of yingku 營窟——With Some Additional Thoughts on gong 宮 and ying 營].《華學》[Sinology] 9 (2008): 114-120.

⟨語法化過程中無標記語音成分的實現⟩[The Realization of Unmarked Phonological Components in Grammaticalization]. In《語法化與語法研究》(三) [Studies on Grammaticalization and Grammar], ed. by Shen Jiaxuan et al. 209-230. Beijing: Commercial Press, 2007.

⟨從兒化看音節的重量⟩[A Discussion on Syllable Weight on the Basis of Retroflex Suffixation].《中國語文》[Studies of Chinese Language] 4 (2007): 298-301.

⟨順平 (小城北) 話的“入派三聲”⟩[“Redistribution of Entering Tone Among Other Three Tones” in Shunping (Xiaochengbei) Dialect].《山高水長:丁邦新先生七秩壽慶論文集》(《語言暨語言學》專刊外編之六) [Linguistic Studies in Chinese and Neighboring Languages: Festschrift in Honor of Professor Pang-Hsin Ting on His 70th Birthday] Language and Linguistics Monograph Series Number W-6 (2006): 689-699.

“Fission Reduplication in Modern Chinese Dialects.” Bulletin of Chinese Linguistics 1.1 (2006): 109-131.

⟨介音在音節中的地位⟩[The Status of the Medial in Syllable].《語言科學》[Language Science] 2 (2006): 44-52.

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⟨連讀變調與輕聲產生的年代⟩[Tone Sandhi and the Time when Neutral Tone Started].《方言》[Dialect] 4 (2005): 329-336.

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⟨論‘一音一義’⟩[On ‘One Syllable/One Meaning Principle’]. 《語言學論叢》[Collected Papers on Linguistics] 31 (2005): 48-71.

“Fission Reduplication in Old Chinese.” In Meaning and Form: Essays in Pre-Modern Chinese Grammar, ed. by Ken-ichi Takashima and Shaoyu Jiang. 167-189. Muenchen, Germany: Lincom Europa, 2004.

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