Jianmei LIU (劉劍梅) PhD Columbia University, 1998

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Full CV

Professor Liu Jianmei is specializing in modern and contemporary Chinese literature and gender studies. She received her BA from Beijing University and her MA (East Asian Languages and Literatures) from University of Colorado at Boulder and PhD (East Asian Studies) from Columbia University. Before joining the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, she was Associate Professor of Chinese literature at University of Maryland.

Research Interests

modern and contemporary Chinese fiction, gender studies, the relationship between literature and religion, popular culture, and films studies

Representative Publications

Authored Books:


Chinese Thirdspace: Political, Philosophical, and Literary Pathways Beyond Polarization (forthcoming from Columbia University Press in 2024)


The Transgression of Fiction 小說的越界. Beijing: Beijing Tiandi, 2020.

Zhuangzi and Modern Chinese Literature.  New York: Oxford University Press, 2016.

The Fate of Zhuangzi in Modern China 莊子的現代命運. Beijing: Shangwu yinshu guan, 2012.

Dialogues on Dreams of the Red Chamber 共悟紅樓. Coauthored with Liu Zaifu. Beijing: Beijing Sanlian, 2009.

Revolution and Emotion革命與情愛. Shanghai: Shanghai sanlian, 2009.

Revolution Plus Love: Literary History, Women's Bodies, and Thematic Repetition in Twentieth-Century Chinese Fiction. Honolulu: University of Hawai’i Press, 2003. 

The Wondering Nora 彷徨的娜拉. Beijing: Sanlian shenghuo shudian, 2015.

The Analects of Education 教育论语. Coauthored with Liu Zaifu. Fuzhou: Fujian jiaoyu chubanshe, 2012.

The Goddess in the Carnival 狂歡的女神. Beijing: Sanlian, 2007; Taibei: Jiuge chubanshe, 2005; Hong Kong: Mingpao Press, 2004.

Understanding Life Together 共悟人間. Coauthored with Liu Zaifu. Hong Kong: Tiandi tushu, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003. Also published by Shanghai: Shanghai wenyi chuban she, 2001, 2002. Listed as one of the HONG KONG TEN BEST BOOKS OF 2002. 


Liu Zaifu: Selected Essays. Coedited with Howard Y. F. Choy. Leiden: Brill, 2022.

文學赤子. Coedited with David Der-wei Wang, Ji Jin. Hong Kong: Sanlian shudian, 2021.

當代人文的三個方向:夏志清,李歐梵,劉再復. Coedited with David Der-wei Wang, Ji Jin. Hong Kong: Sanlian shudian, 2020.

Gao Xingjian: Transmedia Aesthetics. Coedited with Mabel Lee. New York: Cambria Press, 2018.

On Lu Xun 魯迅論. By Liu Zaifu. Beijing: Zhongxin chubanshe, 2011.

Eighteen Topics of Literature. 文學十八題 By Liu Zaifu. Beijing: Zhongxin Chubanshe, 2010.

The Jin Yong Phenomenon: Chinese Martial Arts Fiction and Modern Chinese Literary History. Coedited with Ann Huss. New York: Cambria Press, 2007.

Su Tong 蘇童. Hong Kong: Mingbao chuban she, 1999.