Hao CHANG (1937-2022) (張 灝 ) PhD Harvard University, 1966

Professor Chang has taught in the Department of History at Ohio State University since 1968. He is the author and editor of five books in English and Chinese and has published many articles on the history of modern Chinese thought and Chinese intellectual tradition.

Research Interests

Intellectual history of modern China; history of Chinese political thought. 

Representative Publications

The Search for the Intellectual Origin of Our Time (No. 2 in Academia Sinica Series). Taipei: Linking Publishing Company, 2004.

《張灝自選集》[A Self-selected Collection of Essays by Chang Hao]. Shanghai: Shanghai Education Publication Service, 2002.

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“Confucian Cosmological Myth and Neo-Confucian Transcendence.” In Cosmology, Ontology and Human Efficacy, ed. by Richard J. Smith and D.W. Kwok. 11-33. Honolulu: University of Hawaii Press, 1993.

“Some Reflections on the Problems of the Axial-Age Breakthrough in Relations to Classical Confucianism.” In Ideas Across Culture, ed. by P.A. Cohen and M. Goldman. 17-31. Council on East Asian Studies, Harvard University, 1990.

《幽暗意識與民主傳統》[Essays on Our Time]. Taipei: Linking Publishing Company, 1989.

Chinese Intellectuals in Crisis, Search for Order and Meaning, 1890-1911. Berkeley: University of California Press, 1987.

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Liang Ch’i-ch’ao and Intellectual Transition in China, 1890-1907. Harvard University Press, 1971.