Carine Yuk-man YIU (姚玉敏) PhD The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, 2005

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Room No: 3339

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Research Interests

Chinese linguistics with a focus on Cantonese; history of Chinese dialects; syntax, semantics, typology.

Representative Publications

“The origin and development of the question particle me1 in Cantonese. Lingua (Amsterdam: Elsevier) 254: 103049 (2021).

〈 粵方言和潮汕閩南方言的 X A 過 Y 差比句〉[The X + A + guo過 + Y comparative construction in Cantonese and Chaoshan Minnan]。 《中國語文》 [Studies of the Chinese Language] (Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Peking), 2 (2020): 158-174. [CSSCI]

〈粵語“得” 只有義的產生 〉 [The emergence of [tɐk˥]得 indicating only in Cantonese]。 《方言》 [Dialect] (Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Peking), 1 (2019): 164-178. [CSSCI]

〈 重構早期漢語方言語法位移事件的類型 〉 [Reconstructing early dialectal grammar: Typology of motion events]. Bulletin of Chinese Linguistics (E. J. Brill, Leiden), 8.2 (2015): 267-288.

“Typology of word order in Chinese dialects: Revisiting the classification of Min”. Language and Linguistics (Taipei: Academia Sinica) 15.4 (2014): 539-573. [SSCI, A&HCI]

The Typology of Motion Events: An Empirical Study of Chinese Dialects. Berlin: De Gruyter Mouton, 2014. (424 pages). (Li Fang-Kuei Book Awards in Linguistics, Silver Award)

“Directional verbs in Cantonese: A typological and historical study”. Language and Linguistics (Taipei: Academia Sinica, 14.3 (2013): 511-569. [SSCI, A&HCI]

“Tonal adaptation of English loanwords in early Cantonese”. Journal of Chinese Linguistics (Hong Kong: The Chinese University of Hong Kong), 40.1 (2012): 190-215. [SSCI, A&HCI]

〈 也談早期粵語中的變調現象 〉 [Revisiting the use of change tones in early Cantonese].《方言》 [Dialect] (Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Peking), 1 (2010): 18-29. [CSSCI]

〈 香港粵語上聲變化初探:語音實驗研究 〉 [A preliminary study on the change of rising tones in Hong Kong Cantonese: An experimental study]. 《語言暨語言學》 [Language and Linguistics] (Academia Sinica, Taipei), 10.2 (2009): 269-291. [SSCI, A&HCI]

〈 粵語趨向動詞的非空間位移用法 〉 [The metaphorical use of directional verbs in Cantonese].《中國語文研究》 [Studies in Chinese Linguistics] (The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong), 2 (2006): 67-72.