Proudly presents seven innovative Digital Humanities Projects


The Digital Humanities Initiative proudly presents seven innovative Digital Humanities Projects, skillfully designed and executed by our postgraduate students: 

These projects were borne out of the HUMA5630 Digital Humanities course. A collective group of 36 students, comprising 29 Taught Postgraduate (TPG), 5 MPhil, and 2 PhD students, have harnessed their creativity and technological prowess to realize seven outstanding Digital Humanities projects. The projects reflect the students' inventive spirit and their adeptness in employing new digital technologies.

The subjects explored are broad and fascinating, ranging from keyword mining in the novel "儒林外史," to NFT art collections, an in-depth study of Wutai Temple, analysis of Douban movie reviews, a detailed examination of Covid-19 in Asia, exploration of overseas Mazu temples, and a comprehensive study on racial issues in the Oscars. The diversity of these projects underscores the interdisciplinary nature of Digital Humanities and showcases our students' ability to apply digital technology in novel and insightful ways.