Global China Humanities Lecture Series: Chinese Wars in the American Archives: Research Strategies and Resources for Historical Inquiry from the Sino-Japanese War to the Cold War
4:30pm –6:00pm
Room 5583 (Lift no. 28-30)


In this talk, Evan Taylor will share archival research methods developed over a decade of work for publishing companies, academic databases, and individual scholarship; how to locate relevant document collections, prepare for a visit to an archive or library, maximize your time on location, duplicate material, and organize it for use in the future. He will also discuss a selection of valuable yet little known primary source collections relevant to the Sino-Japanese War and the Cold War of all media types, from documents to photographs, motion pictures, audio, and maps. This will include an introduction to material such as the color films of the CBI theater shot by OSS field teams, the reports of U.S. military personnel stationed in Yan’an, war planning maps produced by both the U.S. 14th Air Force and the Japanese military, the State Department’s 1950s internal investigation files of Foreign Service Officers in China, CIA recordings of Chinese, North Korean, and North Vietnamese international shortwave radio broadcasts, U.S. Army prisoner of war interrogation reports from the Korean War, and more.


About the Speaker: 

Evan Taylor is an archival research specialist at the Modern History Institute of the Chinese Academy of Social Science, where he works on the “Anti-Japanese War and Modern Japanese-Chinese Relations Database Platform”(抗日戰爭與近代中日關係文獻數據平台). He was previously a researcher at Shanghai Jiaotong University for the book series 外國觀察者眼中的中共抗戰:美軍觀察組延安機密檔案 and the editor of the book 美國與中共的心理戰合作

Room 5583 (Lift no. 28-30)
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Format: In-person only (no registration is required)

Time: Wed, 22 Feb, 4:30–6:00 pm

Venue: Room 5583 (Lift 28–30)

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Mr. Evan Taylor
Archival Research Specialist, Modern History Institute of the Chinese Academy of Social Science
Global China Center
School of Humanities and Social Science
Division of Humanities